Welcome to Transition Chesterfield! We're an inspiring community group aiming to make Chesterfield more resilient and sustainable. We want to create positive local solutions to the twin challenges of 'peak oil' and climate change, and make our town a better place to live. You can catch up on our latest news on this home page, or have a look round the rest of the website to to find out about upcoming events, general background, useful links, contact details and more.

Christmas (and Abundance) recipe updates

We've an updated version of recipes from our recent food workshops: download them here.

New Workshops Added

We have added some more workshops for early next year; there's quite a few, so they won't be added to the 'Coming Up' column on the right until some of the existing events listed there have happened. Except where shown, all are at Loundsley Green Community Centre, pre-booking essential at: workshop@transitionchesterfield.org.uk.

Vegetarian Christmas Cookery Recipes

Please find all the recipes from the Vegetarian Christmas Cookery Workshops here.


Potato Day Pre-Ordering at Discount Prices

Pre-Ordering for Potato Day closes on SATURDAY 6th December for online orders [www.potatoday.org.uk] or using the traditional Leaflet and Order Form.

New Workshops Added

We have added three new workshops to take place in the next few weeks, as shown on the right. Click on 'Read more' below for some more details.

Recipes from Vegetarian Food workshops.

The recipes from the workshops are are available by clicking here.

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