Welcome to Transition Chesterfield! We're an inspiring community group aiming to make Chesterfield more resilient and sustainable. We want to create positive local solutions to the twin challenges of 'peak oil' and climate change, and make our town a better place to live. You can catch up on our latest news on this home page, or have a look round the rest of the website to to find out about upcoming events, general background, useful links, contact details and more.

Second Publicity Group Meeting

On the 24th March we held a special meeting to see how we can increase awareness of our events, as well as who we are and what we do. As a result of the meeting Charles and Steve were tasked to look into a new website and a new method of providing newsletters for Transition Chesterfield. For those attending the meeting a number of communications have taken place between Charles/Steve and the group to confirm a few things. At the meeting we agreed to meet again on 28th April and the following issues I expect to be discussed and reported back on:

Transition Chesterfield - Notice of AGM

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of Transition Chesterfield will be held on June 7th at the Friends Meeting House, 27, Ashgate Road, Chesterfield, S40 4AG, between 2:30 and 5:00. The minutes of the previous meeting can be found here; a provisional agenda can be found here.

Th first half of the afternoon will be about plans for a drama group - further details will be sent out in due course.

Drama Group

We've decided to set up a drama group to develop new, innovative and fun ways of conveying our message. We'll be sending out more details in the Newsletter and on Facebook in due course, but we have already had one meeting with Nick Nuttgens, a Community Theatre Director, and he will be talking about the project at our AGM on the 7th June. He will also be holding a few evening sessions in the following weeks, and we've arranged a weekend event on the 6/7th September to allow us time to work on and hopefully finalise some material we can then use.

Ragging Together - change of date

If you were intending to be at the April Ragging Together, which would normally have been on the 22nd (the fourth Tuesday), please note that this month it will be on the 29th instead. This is because the original date is immediately adjacent to Easter, so this change will be a one-off.


Group publicity - a special meeting

On the 24th (March) we'll be holding a special meeting to see how we can increase awareness of our events, as well as who we are and what we do. If you have any ideas that may help, or skills in areas like Twitter or any of the other online sites, we would very much like your input. The meeting will start at 7, in Newbold; email hello@transitionchesterfield.org.uk for details.

A change to our monthly meetings

We've decided to try a different approach to our monthly meetings; instead of simply discussing events or campaigns, we will have speakers or specific events at each one. At the same time they will move from being monthly to bi-monthly; the last of our regular Core Group meetings will be the March one, on the 13th at The Assembly Rooms (Meeting Room 2), between 7 and 9. The one after, on April 10th, will be in the same place but Paul Rea from Energy4All will talk about the Local Renewable Energy Co-Op, and their plans for wind turbines near Chesterfield and Barnsley.

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